Facility Amenities


What’s ‘New’ at Marydale Park:

It is hard to believe how far we have come with our dream of creating a community without barriers.  From integrating children with special needs into our programs, to building Marydale Park.

In fact, a number of the priority features of Marydale Park have been open and are currently being used for selected events at the facility. This is truly exciting news!

The following amenities and facility features would not be possible without the amazing support our current donors and supporters…Thank You!

Look at the wonderful amenities available at Marydale Park:


“Father Kyran Kennedy” – Administration & Programming Building

The Administration building accommodates the park’s year round staff, including summer camp and outdoor educational programmers.  There is a large community room and additional office space that is being used by our Outdoor Education and Summer Day Camp Programmers. The building offers fully-accessible washrooms, with shower, kitchen & laundry services. Thank you to H.W.C.D.S.B., along with Marchese Healthcare for your donations.


Snoezelen Therapeutic Relaxation Room – (25’ x 13’)

Marydale Park’s Administration Building also features a large therapeutic and recreational Snoezelen Room that is used by both children and adult visitors with sensory, cognitive and physical disabilities. The Snoezelen Room offers guests a relaxing multi-sensory experience through recreational elements that feature smell, touch, sound, colour and light.


Hydrotherapy Pool – 45 Swimmer Capacity (7.2 x 10 Metres)

The hydrotherapy pool is a separate amenity from the larger 25 metre recreational swimming pool. This program space provides a quiet, relaxed atmosphere that is perfect for gentle rehabilitation exercises and programs. Many of Marydale Park’s young campers, with Special Needs, have benefited from this unique recreational feature.


Great West Life – Community ‘GREAT ROOM’

Located within the Administration Building, is our community ‘Great Room’.  Visitors are treated to a panoramic view of Lake Niapenco, with its large floor to ceiling windows. Marydale Park’s ‘Great Room’ has capacity for 112 guests, with easy access to kitchen services and accessible washrooms.  Thank you to Great West Life, London Life & Canada Life for your wonderful donation.


Recreational Pool – 173 Swimmer Capacity (12.5 x 25 Metres)

Hearing the words Everyone into the pool” is one of life’s simple pleasures. But for those with mobility challenges, this pleasure is often not so simple. The pool at Marydale Park is custom built to make sure everyone can cool off together, no matter their needs, or abilities. To make our pool accessible, it features a ‘sloped entry’, (along with chair lifts) and parallel railings to assist those who require them. So, when the Lifeguards at Marydale Park blow their whistles and shout “Everyone into the pool” – we mean EVERYONE!


The Spallacci Group Pool Complex – 688 Guest Capacity

It’s all about accessibility for our pool guests. Automatic doors open to large private wheelchair accessible changing areas for boy, girls and families. This state-of-the-art facility goes far beyond the standard accessibility codes to accommodate both able and disabled participants and visitors.

Thank you to the Spallacci family for believing in Marydale Park and your amazing support!


GWD Foundation for Kids – Outdoor Amphitheatre

Marydale Park’s amphitheatre is centrally located at the park’s main entrance. The structure features a large central performance area surrounded by ascending and accessible seating areas, with seating for over 400 guests.  Made  of all natural materials, this open-air venue is used as a central gathering for outdoor programming, presentations, concerts and theatrical performances.  Thank you to GWD Foundation for Kids for your wonderful donation.


Ponds – Outdoor Education & Recreation

Marydale Park features two fresh water ponds. The smaller (10 x 15 metre) is an important component of our Environmental Program for Grade 3 and Grade 5 students. This pond offers students a hands-on, outdoor experience to the natural wildlife wonders around them – beyond a classroom environment.

The larger (25 x 30 metre) recreational pond features a wheelchair accessible platform for summer day camp recreational boating programs.  In the winter the frozen pond is perfect for ice skating and curling.


Dock / Platform – Lake Niapenco

Marydale Park has access to one of Hamilton’s hidden treasures – Lake Niapenco. Lake Niapenco is a 430-acre reservoir located in the Binbrook Conservation Area. During the summer months guests will be able to canoe, kayak and peddle boat, as well as fish off the floating dock / platform.


Outdoor Recreational Pavilion – 533 Guest Capacity

This 4,310 square foot (83.7 x 51.6 metres) recreational amenity is used to deliver many of the C.Y.O.’s outdoor education and leadership programs and is a safe refuge for our campers during inclement weather.  The pavilion is also perfect for large social activities, picnics, meetings and community events.  Thank you 900 CHML Children’s Fund for your wonderful donations.


Picnic Pavilions & Tables

A total of four (4) wooden picnic pavilions are planned for Marydale Park. The picnic pavilions will offer visitors protection from the elements, where they can BBQ and spend a hot summer’s day with their family and friends.

A total fifty (50) accessible picnic tables have been specifically built for Marydale Park to offer visitors a place to sit and enjoy their lunch, among the natural surroundings of the lake and the conservation area.


1.2 km of Nature Trails / Accessible Paths

Four accessible paths provide access to Marydale Park’s 35 acres, along with access to the Binbrook Conservation Area for people who use a wheelchair, walker, or scooter.


Owen Boris Marydale Parkway

To get to Marydale Park, visitors will travel down a newly created 1 km access road. This road was designed to maintain as much of the natural surroundings and beauty as possible, making the drive from the intersection of Nebo and Chippewa Road a pleasant and tranquil experience.

Thanks to a wonderful donation from the Owen Boris Foundation, Marydale Park’s access road is called the Owen Boris Marydale Parkway.


Parking Lot & Event Space

On entering Marydale Park, visitors will be greeted by a large parking lot that can accommodate 200 individual vehicles, plus 11 preferred parking spots for wheelchair accessible vehicles. This paved area is also big enough to accommodate large outdoor events for those agencies wishing to rent the facility for their functions.


Outdoor Archery Range

Marydale Park features a brand new covered outdoor archery range pavilion with an accessible ramp and hand rail to allow everyone to step up and take their best shot.


“Eco-Friendly” – Renewable Energy Features

Hamilton residents will have another reason to feel good when they visit Marydale Park. To reduce the park’s energy consumption and our carbon footprint, a portion of the park’s electricity needs will be generated from two large vertical access wind turbines.


Reforestation Commitment

As part of the C.Y.O.’s renewable energy commitment, over 400 indigenous trees, shrubs and grasses were given a new home on our 35 acre property. In selecting these trees and shrubs, we also looked at how we could reduce the number of allergens produced by this vegetation.  Asthma affects 7 million Canadians including 1 in 5 children in Ontario. Selecting low allergenic plants will make our park even more enjoyable for our visitors.


Jack Pelech Memorial Playing Field – (48 x 109 Metres)

Sports and Athletics have always been are large part of the C.Y.O.’s community service. Apart from being fun, physical activity is vital to keeping our children healthy. Sports also contribute to a child’s mental well-being when they are happy and healthy. That is why Marydale Park features a large universal playing field as part of the park’s extensive recreational features.  Special thanks to the Rizzuto Family and friends for supporting this amenity.

Marydale Park - The Natural Choice for Fun & Excitement!

C.Y .O. & Marydale Offices

The Administration and Programming Building features a large conference room, Snoezelen Room, Kitchen and health care first aid centre.

Snoezelen Room

Located within the Administration building is a brand new, fully accessible 9’ x 25’ Snoezelen room for children and adults with developmental disabilities.

Hydrotherapy Pool

This 7.2 x 10 metre hydrotherapy pool has the capacity for 45 swimmers and offers a quiet, relaxed atmosphere for rehabilitation exercises and programs.

Pool Complex

It’s all about accessibility for our pool guests. Automatic doors will open to a large private wheelchair accessible changing areas for men, women and families.